i cant hear you, theres too much screaming

today my boss was all “oh my…im promoting gambling” because they started a pool at work to guess the score. it was funny cause everyone who makes more money bet on dallas and everyone who makes the lower end of the salary bet on vancouver.
i tried really hard to zone out and take it easy today but somehow i still managed to get like one and a half times today’s work done. no clue.

i cant find any files anywhere for mythbusters season five episode two which is annoying because it has the biggest ever shit gets blowed up scene in the entire series so far. so. if anyone happens to have it, you know, sharing is the polite thing to do.

i started to play around with the manual settings on my camera and i think im starting to figure out the whole f-stop vs shutter speed thing. maybe. we’ll see.

danielle’s the first person to have seen my new digs. she digs it. the first time i went to look at it i didnt really pay much attention to the colour of the walls. when we moved some stuff over there on saturday i looked up and suddenyl realized that im going to be living in a salmon pink room. i can deal with that though since the living room is spacious and bright and clean.

i had it on repeat because it was a nice day out. then i put on lazlo bane. but then i switched back because it fit better.

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