how come they turned red?

the good thing about people trying to show you a strange talent like trying to lick the insides of their own nostrels is that they believe it when you tell them it’s taking a long time to focus to get the perfect shot.

Herewith Shall Br Known As Pat’s Revieweth of the Albumeth That Shall Henceforth and Fortwither Be Named From Whence It Was Released And For All Time To Come Year Zero:

it’s fucking good shit.

however i’ll admit to personal bias on this considering ive had the album for two weeks cause everett gave me a link to it.
anyway, personally i think it’s awesome, however since everyone is entitled to their own opinion and let’s face it you dont really have to give two shits about what i think, go listen for yourself but the only i ask is that PLEASE DONT FUCKING COMPARE IT TO THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL AND IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL SO EVERYONE WHO KEEPS COMPARING IT TO THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL JUST PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP THANK YOU.


at work today:

vince: *peeks over cubicle wall and in asian accent* hey man, du yu know what tumorrow is?

me: um…friday?

vince: oh..yeah..but is it like the 19th or what?

me: no it’s the twentieth.

vince: hey ya so tumorrow is *make smoking gestures* day

me: …

vince: april twentief.

me: *….oh right…april…fourth month….four twenty…got it…* oh yeah.

we also got into a little discussion about the merits of head shots in first person shooters and why in the movies it’s bullshit that everyone takes a shot in the torso and automatically dies. i said that headshots are key because then youre shot in the head and vince just about fell over laughing. seriously, maybe it’s just where i work, but chinese senses of humour are fucked up. he busts a gut at headshots but at lunch i crack one about an all too obvious innuendo that gets people at other tables smiling and the people at my table just start talking about how we’re on a fault line and why buildings in taiwan are tall but empty.

fuck seriously, we started talking about earthquakes and i kept looking out the window and glaring at the ground and willing it to stay the fuck still. so pretty much by the end of lunch i decided that im going to go live somewhere where there’s solid bedrock under me that will only move because of continental drift and no fault lines.

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