he had a lot of nothing to say

i was totally rockin out the Tool at work today.
and Radiohead.
and two people quit and my boss is going crazy. it’s pretty funny.
and we’re going to watch the canucks game in new west. and yes im going to cheer for the canucks because, like any good oilers fan, i believe that dallas is evil and deserves to be hated.
the only problem is that the dallas playoff catch phrase is Git R Done! so now im at odds cause i hate dallas but they’re playoff theme is from Larry the Cable Guy, and like any good redneck from Alberta, i believe that Larry the Cable Guy is a genius.
im pretty sure that by next week at some point i’ll be offered a permanent staff spot and i say this because cubicles are not sound proof, much as some people think they are. which makes me wonder how many people can hear me half sing half mutter along to songs…also since i play drums on my desk sometimes….meh.

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