if you give a mouse a cookie

ok, hands up in the air if you think it’s a good thing that Stronach has decided to quit politics? i need more hands. i wonder if she’ll fuck up Magna as bad as she did her political career and any kind of sanctity about canadian politics she might have ever wished to uphold when she goes back.
she’s like the Chris Pronger of politics. hah. clever.

i bought some Sanpellegrino. it’s tasty.

you ever wake up and when you’re getting dressed in the morning you look through all your stuff and you know you just did laundry the other day but you still just can’t quite seem to figure out where the hell all your socks are? i’m forever of the mindset that i need to buy more socks because it just seems that the more i want to wear them the more they seem to not be around to wear at all.

im also of the mindset that no one who works in the office i work has ever read anything by douglas adams and more specifically has never read Restaurant at the End of the Universe and i say this because if you’ve read it then you know all about the Golgafrinchans and how all of the useless ones are put on a ship and sent away and the ship is full of ad execs, salon stylists and insurance brokers. so now at work it makes me happy to think that in a few months i’ll be going back to school and that i wont have to work with cast off aliens no more no how.

people at work keep asking me if ive been hired on full time yet. no, i say, i have not. oh, they reply, soon? maybe, i say not entirely hushed, maybe. ok, they say, we’re going now. ok, i say back. and then someone else walks in and asks hey are you on full time yet, they ask. no, says i, and i go back to reading the paper. which reminds me, they have the National Post at work. who the fuck actually reads that? if i wanted right wing dribble i’d read the new york post.

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