death star platform

my shoes are in the newspaper. i saw that and i wondered how many people who read that know what it stands for.
husband and wife canucks team. i have a theory about why the wife is wearing the luongo jersey. it’s because the 1 reminders her of a penis. and since she obviously doesnt get satisfaction from her husband, she can wear luongo’s penis on her back and get it that way.
i think that root of all evil one is probably the best picture ive taken in a while content and context wise.
i also like to wander around coal harbour a lot and just look at the buildings. i dont really look at them and have any wild desires to one day own a condo in any of them, i just like to go look at them. the two with the green lights remind me of that movie Metropolis. i havent seen Metropolis but those two buildings remind of what i think it would be like to watch it if i ever do watch it.
and really, walking around downtown and the condos there, do you really get satisfaction from having a 10 foot square yard of concrete outside your front door?
so then i was walking around and my brain was all lalalala in it’s own little world and i get to an intersection surrounded by four very tall buildings and then my brain goes lalala if there was an earthquake RIGHT NOW i’d be pretty fucked because at least one of those is landing on me.
also, whenever i go walk around there i listen to matt good. i dont know why, but that’s my walking around coal harbour music. and then it occured to me that, what if regardless of who you choose to listen to, say you’re out walking around downtown and listening to whoever on your mp3 player and whoever you’re listening to happens to be walking around too and for some reason you end up saying hi, and then they ask what you’re listening to.
i feel this poses a conundrum. first of all, you obviously enjoy the music but dont want to be offputting in your response. secondly you dont want to look like that uber fan who listens to them every second of the day therefore negating the possibility of you answering too enthusiastically. thirdly, obviously theres more than just that album on there, so do you shrug it off and list off a few risking not saying that you’re listening to them at that exact moment? fourthly, you cannot appear to be taking too much time thinking through all of these because then it would look like youre trying too hard to think of the right thing to say.
i pose the following solution: “a bit of everything. want to see the pictures i took?”

on the skytrain i had the phrase ‘rubbermaid is not bouncy like rubberbands’ stuck in my head.

at work today:

“i couldnt find this because you spelled the name wrong, it’s M-C donald, not M-A-C.”
“oh. i was probably thinking about macdonalds” *head nod out the window towards the purveyor of greasy goods*
“right…isn’t that still M-C?”
“no, i was thinking of the other MacDonald’s.”
*insert the ‘walk away in annoyance by the other person’ walk*
*insert me shrugging*

i have a second interview for that staff spt on thursday. my immediate boss, another manager and another manager type *i think* are going to be there. im really not sure what Manager Type I Think #3 does. so far i know his role includes speaking flamboyantly, and going to africa on vacation. this is most likely not something you should bring up in an interview.
case in point:
“what goals do you have for yourself if you were to get this position?”
“im going to speak flamboyantly about flamboyant things, frost my hair and go to africa.”

im still reading Microserfs. ive realized much more that when i read a book that i really like, i start to think like the characters. so for the last few days ive been thinking like Dan. i think.

i took more pictures, but they arent for simple picture purposes so i will fiddle and then i think i will look for a gallery that i can take them to and be like “i did these, they are postmodern and they are art and someone will buy them please sell them and make me rich. k thx.”

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