is that a powder blue pantsuit??

ok first, cause i missed this yesterday, happy birthday yesterday to raymi.

so we participated in blissful irony last night. mostly because most of us had no clue what this pub night was for. turns out it was a fund raiser for a dry grad for burnaby central. our table was most definitely not that.
oh and the parents all showed up. here’s what happens when the parents show up:

– you shake your head because someone bought a Ford Ranger. then you continue to shake your head because it’s a ford ranger.
– robyn thinks that dario’s dad looks like Borat. and by robyn i mean me, but that blame was conviniently skipped on my part.
– accountants look like ron livingston and try to convince you to be a CA
– when im the next PM i have to use the government jet to fly mother smelly to ottawa for lunch.
– powder blue pant suits are like a train wreck, it’s so horrible you can’t help but look
– if you’re jewish and the bar is full of italians, word gets around.
– somehow every person over 40 there felt the need to yell CHAD! CHAD! HEY CHAD!! at chad about stuff.

what else did we learn…

– as long as chad IS around then robyn will ever be mad at ME because everything i do is all HIS fault. works for me.
– cleavage shots through the shirt just arent the same.
– the first step to admitting you have a problem with pull tabs is to look at the big fucking pile of them on the table neil put there.
– if we get up to dance then old people feel the need to follow suit
– the Marine Pub makes time slow down to a crawl. case in point, we all look at our watches at 10:30 and all go “um….really? it’s only 10:30?”
– too many wings makes dario cause his chair to collapse
– too much flailing causes dario to feed his pants beer
– chad feels that if a picture of a wet crotch is taken and it’s not his then justifiably a picture of his own must be taken
– people are jealous of my shades. because theyre awesome.
– slayer is always appropriate car music
– sonia can make naslund score to spite chad and neil.
– tossed salad could have rock the house instead of the house band, but we chose not to.

and the last thing we learned last night………

– chad pooed.

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