like some cat from japan

i bought Borat finally and i bought the 1981 BBC version of Hitchhikers and it’s so god awful bad early 80s tv you can’t help but love it. i also bought Life the Universe and Everything and So long and Thanks for all the Fish so now i only need Mostly Harmless.
i walked out of the building after work today and it was like there was this oncoming silence before a big storm type atmosphere out. and it IS supposed to rain for ever now, so i dunno.

i wowed the chinese people at work because i brought rice for lunch.

i also had no takers on anyone willing to help out with S&BJ day yesterday. thanks a lot for nothing you lazy bastards.

im starting to feel the whole running out of shit to write thing.

hey weather, how about you do me a favour? how about you turn nice and warm and sunny so i can go read at english bay? k thx.

i cant even come up with any good soc stuff. i must be bored….

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