they’re chinese vikings?

admit it, you owned at least one of their albums at some point. i had two in fact. i had Three Doller Bill Y’all in grade 9 before everyone else decided to jump on the bandwagon. so in that case, you might say i was a bandwagon driver. how lame is that?
you know what’s lamer than that? no? well i’ll tell you.
so in first or second grade, maybe it was because i went to a catholic school, at recess someone came up with the idea to play wedding. considering that most kids that age are yelling bloody cootie, i think this was probably a monumental step for us.
anyway, so someone decides that we’re all going to play wedding. so behind our school were a few baseball diamonds, and so the pitchers mound was the aisle or the paisle or whatever. and i dont remember who got to play the priest but whatever. so the ball diamonds were down a bit form the rest of the playground down a tiny little hill.
so everyone pairs up. and by everyone i mean everyone except me gets paired up with someone. who’s idea this was, i dont know.
so, moral of the story, in grade two i never ever got picked to get married and got to sit on the hill and watch.
pff at least i dont have three kids and live in a trailer park now…assholes….
but here’s the kicker. they all get married and live in trailer parks, and im the single jewish guy who ends up being their banker and laughs at them and forecloses on their doublewide hahahahaha.
i think im going to go see 300 tonight. then im not sure what.
tomorrow we are going to rip it up in a shack full of amps.

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