they need to put them on one big page not 74 little ones

i went for a wanderin downtown a bit today. no i did not take my camera. odd yes. meh.
i have leftover pizza but im not eating it for dinner cause i figure i’ll need good post drinking food so im making pasta.
and in a stroke of genius im making veggie sauce. however, the stroke left me a little worse for wear after i realized that i have no tomatoes, meaning that i’ll somehow have to substitute the water content with something else. and no, not just water, wtf, do i want tasteless sauce? fuck off you tasteless NOT TASTERS!!! thus i have devised a way to counter this debacle. yes indeed. into the pan goes what’s left of a bottle of sauce, two carrots, diced, brocolli diced, baby bok choy, two tablespoons of plain cream cheese for texture, and three tablespoons of lime juice for flavour and liquid. will it work? STAY FUCKING TUNED TO FIND OUT BECAUSE IM MY OWN GODDAMN SWEDISH CHEF. thats right bork bork fucking BORK.
the phrase that was stuck in my head all day yesterday was “I smell like an anthill clip clop clip clop.”

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