it’s like you never had wings

so there was a ‘night with Stéphane Dion’ tonight. out of ten i give it craptastic for lack of pretty much a shred of decent organization. i ended up giving my email to Bill Cunningham, but i can be all “im a fucking spy and im telling the green party everything you’re up to.” in other news, i should really start resizing those pictures to something thats not insanely huge…

My knife it’s sharp and chrome
Come see inside my bones
All of the fiends are on the block
I’m the new king
I taste the queen
In here we are all anemic
In here anemic and sweet
So go get your knife
And come in
So go get your knife
And lay down
So go get your knife now kiss me
I can float here forever
In this room we can’t touch
The floor in here
We’re all anemic
In here anemic and sweet so

-knife prty deftones

blah blah blah fuckin blah blah. i dunno, i kind of feel like downing a red bull or two and going and running around to nowhere in particular and jump on things and do the whole rocky arms in a V thing and listen to music that has nothing to do with rocky at all. you know you could totally make up a cooking song as a cover for that song? like, instead of Gonna fly now, go for “gonna fry now” fuck yeah man. speaking of fry…theres a 24 hour McDicks a few blocks away…tell me before the fog rolls in, that do you like?

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