shoppers what?

so the truck is parked in the street and hasnt moved al winter cause the battery froze solid so it wont run so i get to rock out the minivan which i did today and switching between two radio stations. how is it that when one station place My Chemical Romance the other one place Franz Ferdinand? i want to listen to something good for fucks sake…
you know the one thing thats bugged me the most here for the dumbest reason? the tv channels are all different numbers. like i turn on the tv and punch in 42 cause 42 is the discovery channel in vancouver and its like…um…hello comedy central…youre not Daily Planet…
there’s also the fact that when you move away from a place for a given amount of time inevitably you lose touch with people and meeting up with people results in those awkward little silences all the time. i think this happens more with people you knew from high school than university cause i dont really talk to that many people here any more but i talk to lots of people in ottawa and of course vancouver.
but then again, im one of those people who’ll make plans here and then just wait for the phone to ring and whether it does or not i’ll go sit on the couch in the basement and watch tv to wait and if it does it does and if it doesnt, happens every time im here.
ive got One Great City stuck in my head. i think for some reason its my trip theme song. it just seems to fit.
i got a grad present from some family friends. its a set of antique copper bookends. theyre neat but im not exactly sure what to do with them.
it’s not even january yet and already im like “i have to spend what on what? fuck….” thus again a cruel reminder that a job is a sad necessity now. or. i win a miilion dollars in vegas.
i went to two video stores looking for Russell Peters outsourced cause my dad hasnt seen it and neither had it leading me to believe that all video stores are inept.
my brain just utterly stopped thinking at all so i’m going to stop.
hope most everyone is less bored than i.

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