wikkity wah wikkity wikkity wah

i am in the library right now. why am i in the library when i have a perfectly good computer of my own in my room, all turned on and ready to go? because. snow.
you see, the wonderous invention we call reznet likes to cease all functioning when it snows up here. and seeing as how there is a lot of it…i dont expect to get any internet back anytime soon.
so im in the library on my way to everett’s to give him a bag of all dressed chips ive owed him for like a month or more and to watch clockwork orange.
also, i had to get to me email so i could email things over email to people who needed to be emailed.
i will get pictures up at some point i swear.
i totally busted out the whole nine yards just for this trek to deliver chips. im talking toque, scarf, coat, and hiking boots. i thought i had gloves, but apparently i was wrong. or i took them home and convienently forgot them there telling myself what use could they possibly be in Vancouver where we dont get snow like in the prairies. what use indeed.
i also phoned translink this morning to see if the busses were running cause last night i guess they stopped coming up here, so this morning wheni phoned they said no the busses are not making it up to the top and lo and behold i walk to the library and what do i see is two large busses making it up the nice freshly plowed road. fuck you translink, im missing a leather couch and apple crips right now because of you.
im going to finish my trek now. hopefully i will not slip and get soaked. thats for later with caf trays.

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