because we roasted marshmallows

the comments going back and forth for this video are priceless. i think american banter should somehow be transformed into a sitcom for the rest of the world. i’d say it could be called Blue vs Red but then the guys who make Red vs Blue might get upset, even though the name is the other way around. and Red would run around waving a bible at Blue and then Blue wold say “im going to the store to buy some hay.” and Red would ask “why do you need hay?” to which Blue would respond “for your global warming horse and buggy silly!” and then the laugh track would go off and thered be that one woman’s laugh that always somehow is louder than all the others and her laugh sounds so stupid it makes you laugh at the laugh track. and then when Blue walks out the door, Red falls to his knees and yells “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinstooooooooooooooon!!!” hey i never said the show would make sense. or be good.

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