gimme gimme shock treatment

so those two places i had interviews at in early october and i decided they were a waste of time and they never really phoned me back anyway both phoned me again today and i was like “didnt you already interview me and i said no?” long pause……”oh…right…nevermind…” click. s m r t.
meg and i are going to check out a place to live tomorrow. my aunt also called me to let me know that someone she works will has a place up for rent too thats fully furnished. score.
i got an email from a PR firm in town for a graphic design internship i applied for like two months ago just for the hell of it asking me for samples of my work. uuuuum. right. sorry, i dont actually know how to do that…here’s my friends name…give him a job so he can buy me lunch.
im crossing my fingers that this will signal the start of more interview offers which i would really like at this point k thanks.
one of the groups in class today did a presentation on their project about having a sustainable food program and resources up on campus. they said that they’d contacted chartwells and that they had a plan with them in place already pretty much and that chartwells would start to offer locally prodruced organic food choices on campus.
k, so these two girls never lived up here.
and three of us in class who do/have lived up here ripped that idea to pieces just about. you know it’s all well and good that people you talk to who commute to campus tell you they dont think theres enough food optins up here, but seriously, when you dont even bother to contact the RHA or talk to people in rez or find out exactly what the university’s contract with chartwells means, go do that before you start telling us that you suddenly made them realize that they should be offering healthy food to us. i think the point about how theres a no competition clause with chartwells and that if they started a farmers market they could be shut down or sued kind of made them go “…oh…” as well as our prof saying that there’s really no way they’re going to change chartwells attitude towards money which i so eloquently offered the example of the fresh organic apples the handed out to the class as costing me $2.50 each as opposed to say 99 cents if chartwells sold them as their own organic produce.
fucking chartwells.

oh and then there was also a presentation one group did on something about targeting religious stereotypes in islam and catholicism. and as soon as the title came up i was like “rage…” so what’s the main strategy of their campaign? to introduce a unit in schools about learning to be tolerant about other religions. WTF??? HELLO? I WAS TOLD THAT FROM LIKE GRADE 7 THROUGH 12 ALREADY. so your big plan is to not educate students about the faults of their own religions and simply repeat rhetoric? so of course me being me and not a big fan really of organized religion suggested that maybe they should put some focus on that or kids might not grow up knowing that, say…i dont know…that up until the mid 1960s the Catholic church was openly anti semitic, or that the church was aware of what was going on during the holocaust and did nothing to stop it, or that after that the vatican provided nazi war criminals with fake passports to travel to south america to avoid being tried for war crimes, or how christian and catholic missionaries destroyed countless tribal religions and societies in the name of god, and stuff like that. i like it when i bring stuff up like that and then other people in class agree with me vocally. especially when one of those people is my prof.
so i should get some work done. or watch more scrubs. or both.

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