lucky you

im seriously starting to get super frustrated about my projects. ive got two pages of part of a sociology assignment due tomorrow done, and there’s no indication of how long it’s supposed to be at all and it’s been a fucking struggle and a half to come up with these two pages even.
my applied communication project on gun control i havent touched in forever because i have no clue what the end product is supposed to be. even after i got the guidelines in class yesterday. theyre the most fucking useless guyidelines in the world.
and my big ass 26 page essay thats stalled out at 8 pages because of 60 some emails sent out last week three responses have come back and all of them say “sorry but no.” you know what, it doesnt fucking take that long to answer ten goddamn questions.
somehow ive been working endless hours on this shit and it seems like no headway has been made at all.
if next week rolls around and im still right in the same situtation then there’s problems on the horizon. and not little ones.
im trying to convince myself to take a break but i cant seem to justify it. i need one but i cant cause i need to sit here and do something. fuck.

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