this is the one where he cooks

fuck nashville right up their fucking tennessean asses.
so Tossed Salad had a bbq tonight.
danielle actually did toss salad.
chad was fortunate enough to pick the piece of goose that had the only buckshot left in it.
yeah thats right. i fuckin cooked up some dead things i killed for them and they liked it.
then then we watched some Band of Brothers and i kept trying to remember if there was a C-37 at Hill AFB in Utah when we went through one summer. and then i remembered when my dad and i went and took a tour of Fairchild AFB in Spokane once and the lines of B-52s were massive and the planes were massive and they were fucking cool as fuck.
and im getting better at drinking scotch cause this time i didnt immediately want to go GAHBLAHERGH!!!
and then when i got home kevin walk in and was like “Halo”
and im like “bring it on bitch”
and it got brought.
and i got my ass kicked.
woot 1 kill.
one carrot is still an orange carrot.

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