this is the one that’s strictly business

Ok ladies and gents, here’s the deal.

I’m taking Ethnographic Qualitative Methods otherwise known as SA356.

I’m doing a project on the creation of social hierarchies and their expansion from the online environment to a real world environment.

You can find a copy of my proposal HERE. Feel free to read it over. It outlines the purposes, goals, methods and ethical considerations of the project.

If you read it I can fairly say you have been fully informed of the purposes, goals, methods, ethics yadda yadda. But, seeing as how my prof wasn’t sure about how to go about sending consent forms by email, you can find a copy of the Informed Consent form HERE. Ok, so it’s a picture of it. If you could print it out, sign it, take a picture of it filled out and email the picture back to me (gmail addy to the right, or MSN one if you have it) that would be awesome. Sorry for the not so great method of having it filled out.

I’ll most likely be sending out copies of the consent form by email to specific people anyway, but this would be much easier.

No one but me and my prof will see your consent form.

If you are sent a questionnaire any and all responses shall be kept safe, and anonymity shall be retained at all times to protect the identity of respondents.

Upon completion of the project all data and responses collected from interviewees will be deleted/destroyed/shot into space never to be seen by human eyes again.

I’m going to hunt down a few people personally, not saying who, and those people will be getting further emails, same rules apply.

Everyone got it? Good. Thanks.

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