g g no re

i dont like wearing suits. let me explain.

i dont like wearing suits.

which is a shame because i know i clean up real nice but i do not and have never enjoyed dressing up. putting on a suit makes me feel so utterly self conscious that its almost a struggle to function. when i put on a tie i feel like im choking. and not because i tie it too tight. its constricting.
my suit is hanging in my closet now. when i look at it, it feels so out of place in here that i kind of want to put it in the back of the closet so i dont have to look at it.
it’s this weird hipochrasy in my head cause i like the suit, its a good looking suit, i look good in the suit, people tell me the suit looks very good, and it ups my professional look by leaps and bounds.
but i hate wearing it.

in non suit related issues…

i think that the Dig album by I Mother Earth is probably one of the greatest albums to ever exist.
go listen to that album and tell me its not one of the best cds youve ever listened to.
its purely inspirational music. honestly, i listen to that album and it just makes me want to go kick ass at life.
and every canadian knows that when edwin left the band that was the end of the really good IMo.
i mean, Quicksilver Meatdream was a good album, but it cant touch the old stuff.
seriously, if youre in a downer mood then listen to this cd and you wont be.

i totally just lost track of what i was thinking about.

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