on a manqué le métro

so all of a sudden my computer has decided that it no longer wants to talk to my amp.
this. is unfortunate. and. annoying.
i cant record anything until they stop being bitches to each other.
i got all my reading done for the week. there was a lot.
i posted my resumé on a bunch of federal government sites in the hopes that some random person randomly looks at it and randomly gives me a call saying they have some random job for me.
edmonton is up 3-0 in the pre season. good vibes. we play the flamers tomorrow. we will soon be up 4-0.

this whole being a good student and getting shit done before it needs doing and organizing everything is a pain in the ass but probly worth it.

oh, and when you check out job sites like working.com or workopolis and jobpostings.ca, you start to hate them because no, im sorry, i dont want to be a sandwich artist with a degree thank you very fucking much you assholes. i thought i was getting an education to be able to contribute to society in some significant way, not by putting fucking pickles on a piece of fucking bread.

i like getting mail. i like getting mail even more when you get money in the mail.

uuuuuuuuuuum…yeah. i dunno.

my carpet is greenish.

i am wearing my Mythbusters shirt.

i did laundry.

im listening to music from Quebec.

im hungry.

the easter bunny hates you.

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