maybe that’s where it’s been

those are some of my sister’s textbooks. i have no idea how much those all cost, but i know for sure that its more than 3000$ for her all her books for the last three years.

total cost of my textbooks this semester…less than 130$.

i doubt the total ive spent on books for the last five years even breaks 1500$.

seriously kids, if you want more beer money, take an arts degree.

my Applied Comm for Social Issues prof, who also happens to be the head of the Communication department at SFU, sent out the course outline and class expectations today and im fucking stoked for his class.

now observe as i couple the knowledge from that class with my Comm as Propaganda class and Pinky are you ponerding what i’m pondering?

man that was a good cartoon hey? whatever happend to it…thats one of those cartoons where it starts on animaniacs then you lose track of it and one day you randomly find the new half hour show but cant ever remember when it’s on so whenever you randomly find it again you always stop to watch because it’s fucking good to watch.

im trying to decide whether it’s too much of a hassle to bring some of my watercolours back to vancouver with me. i dont really plan on doing anything major to my room this time. shocker to most ppl who ever saw it before i know.

it was funny cause after christmas last year i took all my posters down and redid my room and frightened all my roommates into thinking i was moving out.

i want to finish packing but cant cause then i have to take my computer apart and im reluctant to do so just yet.

actually…you know….youd think that a mouse with a head that big would be used in some weird fucked up experiments…narf was a cool word too. i think people should start saying narf again.

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