does it rhyme with peel blip?

the critics all agree! the cheap fro ‘do ranges from “holy christ what the fuck is that?” to “you look like fucking don king.”

hold on a sec, something on the news has caught my attention.



when i ask my dad for advice i always run the risk of hearing two things…no silence for a good hour, and his opinion that the only jobs that will ever exist that are good will exist in alberta. fucks sake, when i was in junior high he was always saying “you’ll go into engineering because there’s good jobs and lots of money in it and not in anything else.” constantly…engineering engineering engineering. i decide to apply to geology…”there’s no fucknig jobs in that blah blah blah engineering engineering.” he reads a bool about geologists and how much money the diamond guys make. “you’ll be a geologist in alberta and work for a diamond company alberta alberta alberta.” i go to ottawa. “you’re a page, government government government, the alberta government alberta alberta.” i go to vancouver. “you should apply to grad school in calgary jobs alberta alberta alberta because there are no jobs in bc.” i ask for advice about cold calling places about what kind of employment they have for new people. “well you should do this and say this and ask this, but what you should really do is look at alberta alberta alberta and talk to so and so because alberta alberta oil fort mac alberta government you cant sit in vancouver alberta alberta…engineering engineering engineering.”

broken record anyone?


seriously, i cant say anything back cause i konw how that’ll go over, so all i can do is stand there and nod and seeth inside. which isnt to say that when there’s a reprieve from ‘alberta alberta’ there’s on good advice. there’s excellent advice in there. but that’s all i asked for, not the constant rhetoric that ive heard since i was 13 about how i should get a job in alberta and then after that i can worry about living somewhere else.

my ‘annoyed at life’ factor was on a steady rise today. it wasnt an especially taxing day either. but we’re pretty much out of work to do at work, it’s a struggle to find something to do, i want out of here, and i have to hear “after december alberta alberta alberta.”

fuck. off.

susan asked what motivates people. i’d have to say that at this point, my getting increasingly getting fed up with hearing this stuff is pretty fucking good motivation to fucking run out and get a job or two jobs or whatever when i get back to vancouver so i can say “LOOK! LOOK AT ME! I CAN MANAGE JUST FINE RIGHT NOW AND IM NOT FUCKING LIVING IN FORT MACMURRAY!!!”

im gonna go for gellato with iris later. gellato will make the rage calm down.

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