this kind of machine only takes quarters

i made a new song. listen to it. it’s on my buzznet now.
i found my art folder from grade 12. i took pictures of some of the things i did.

so my mom’s in montreal with my sister so it’s just my dad and i and today we drove around a lot looking for ammo for this fall. it’s good that he’s paying for it cause i probly wouldnt drop 180$ on a case of shells.

so im not sure yet or not if he’s gonna try to guilt trip me into like going to the casino or somethign else tonight. cause he probly will at some point. and if he doesnt then my mom will phone and she will. i dunno what the hell there is to do cause there isnt much to do.

i’ve cleaned my room twice in the past 24 hours. yes. this is how much there is to do around here. i also reinstalled photoshop cause some files got corrupted. how exciting. oh well. if i keep things clean then there’s less hassle when i pack everything up in a few weeks.

people start leaving from work at the end of next week. and then more people the next week. and then me. they were all like “hah! youre the last one here!” and then i was like “yeah, but then i get to go back to a beach and the ocean and mountains.”

now i have to wait for my grade for the class i took this summer. im kind of hoping that through some fluke that i get a really high mark and it pulls my gpa up a bit. not that its bad, cause its pretty decent, but higher is never bad.

i have a lot of yellow highlighters…huh…oh well.

so i was thinking that ‘brand new’ is a strange term. i mean, ya it’s not really, but then again, this is one of those things where suddenly you think of a word or something and it totally doesnt make any sense and seems like the most foreign word in the world. like ‘it’. what kind of word is ‘it’? other than one that can defeat the Knights who say Ni of course.

i am vacating here already in my head. ive started looking around my house lately and feeling more detached about it. my room isnt really mine anymore. it’s a place where i park all my shit til i can put it all back in a box and get the fuck out.

i also have a lot of dead AAA batteries.

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