the crates of wrath!

so blogger is being a bitch and wont let me put up any pictures right now.
damn you technology, you’re supposed to be helpful when i want you to be helpful not not helpful when i want you to be helpful!

i wrote my sociology exam this morning. you know how i can tell im reading to go back to vancouver? cause when i parked and was walking to the building i was writing it in on the UofA campus my brain was going “FUCK YES!!! IM WRITING AN EXAM ON A UNIVERSITY CAMPUS!!! MY BRAIN IS BEING CHALLENGED!!! FUCK CUTTING GRASS I WANT TO WRITE ACADEMIC PAPERS!!!”

seriously. thats what it said.

anyway, i was writing in some health sciences office cause a friend of a family friend who works there was proctoring and the university is building a new health sciences wing and its big a shiny and i was like “shit you could fit all of my school in that building.” k…well…maybe not all of it, but a lot of it.

im going to go lay in a hammock and drink slurpee cause its hot out and i can and i was gonna go biking but this requires far more laziness on my part. plus it’s a hammock.

i wonder if you can like hang a hammock up in your room in rez cause imagine how much space youd save doing that…

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