he had a lot to say, he had a lot of nothing to say

i think that there was maybe ten minutes total today spent talking about the game.

im allergic to something that’s flaoting around and ive had almost a perma sneeze stuck in my nose all day.

im a big fan of thinking that unless you really do something to fuck it up uber spectacularily, then life will pretty much balance itself out.

i offer proof.

the oilers do not win the cup. Tool is playing edmonton on august 25th.

balance. and i know that a lot of people wouldnt equate those two things, but theyre not me and thats just fine with me.

im hitting that point of the summer where it feels like everything is putting on the brakes and things look like theyre going to drag on endlessly. all things considered i think ive been doing ok. i’ve been home for two months. little over two months til i can run around on the roof of Shrum again. i got back into townhouses for the fall. i dont really care who my roommates are this year. my dad figures if they piss me off i can just turn my amp up to 10. yes. or i could epoxy them into their room. actual no i wont because i have a rule that i cant do anything like that to my roommates. douchebag RHA presidents are open targets. former douchebag RHA presidents as well. im a bit disappointed to say that i’m not really getting involved with anything in rez this year. i could have been an Orientation Leader but i got pissed that they didnt want me as a Team Leader. I think and every one of my friends i’ve talked to also thinks that is the stupidest thing in the world that I didnt make TL. Stacy and Dustin didnt either. at first. now both of them are. one more spot left if the third person drops. if Mo called me this summer and said Pat will you be a TL cause we need one more, then id probly say yes, but i bet that wont happen so fuck em.

i dont like the new sam roberts single. i have no good reason, i just dont like it. its not a bad song, but i just cant listen to it. the only line i like has something to do with “if youre in a race i hope you come last.” i like that line.

vicki asked me a while ago if i had any friends here who were guys. yes. not many. the last time i did anything with them was game 6 against Detroit. i know if i called up tony or edwin theyd probly do something, but that’s stalled out. julia’s moving to peace river in a few weeks.
i see iris the most and ally the second most and julia the third most. and i dont see enough of them to keep me happy all the time. i talk to them a lot, but thats not the same. this isnt ottawa or vancouver where theres always someone there. this is home where when i do get to see my friends im elated. the people i spend time with this summer are amazingly awesome. but its still not the same. this is the place where bad memories live and running into people at the mall makes me want to run far away.

i want to go camping with iris.

i want to go see hedley with ally.

i want to have a bush party at julia’s place.

this is what i look forward to this summer.

ok, that and tool…

also, simon is going to be in edmonton next week. very cool. it’s like the summer of Page’s in alberta. awesome.

dinner time.

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