why havent i seen this version of T2 before?

so the dad and i drove down to the red deer river valley badlands to go humping through the desert and look for dead dinosaurs cause we’re geeks like that.
it was good, didnt find as much this time. if we’d been out for shards there was this one new place we looked that was like bone shard central.
but we have shitloads of shards in our basement as it is, so we go for complete bones or teeth or weird things we’ve never seen before.
we found a buffalo skull that was split into pieces but it was huge and way too heavy to carry back to the truck.
it was pretty decent out today, not hot and nice cloud cover. good thing because it can get pretty fucking hot down there.
it rained lightly on and off a few times but nothing major til we were heading back to the truck and like 100 feet from it at the bottom of this hill it all of a sudden decides HAH! IM GOING TO FUCKING LET ALL THE WATER THATS IN THIS CLOUD COME DOWN ON YOU ALL AT ONCE NOW AND YOU’LL GET SOAKED IN A MATTER OF SECONDS!
and im climbing up this stupid hill thinking “oh shit mud hole…”
and then…
so i book it up this friggin hill and it’s just a dumpin, and i can see maybe 15 feet in front of me and im running like hell down the middle of this highway and my dad’s behind me yelling at me to pull the truck onto the road off the ground cause it’ll turn into a mud pit in like 10 seconds and im trying to wipe the rain out of my face and it’s windy and im soaked and i get to the truck and fucking yank open the door and start it and im thinking “ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck dont let it be stuck!!!!” and it wasnt but the tires were spinning a lot.
and we had brought extra clothes in case it rained, but we’re driving down the highway and it’s one of those times where the speed limit is 100 but you’re going like 60 simply because of the volume of water that’s pouring down on you.
so yeah that was fun lol.

i have a 7am dentist appointment tomorrow. like, sitting in the dentist chair by 7am appointment.

and then i get to sit in my room all day and write an essay about postmodern tourism.

and then i get to text message smelly and tell her that she’s supposed to phone me when she’s out with shaz and chad and screetus. and im gonna be all GO ITALY! and then im gonna be all GO OILERS!!!


my room is a fucking mess…but there’ll be plenty of time to clean it when i dont have anything better to do.

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