it’s easy to lose oneself

you know those times when there’s something happening at night, but you’re not really sure where you’re going to end up taking part?
it’s a half hour til the puck drops for game 1 of the Western final and since on one is answering their friggin phones, i’m still not sure if i’ll be sitting in here watching the game or hauling ass over to Average Joe’s to watch.
let’s weigh the pros and cons:
pros of staying home:
compy. free food.
pros of going:
more people. nachos. 14 big screens.
cons of staying home:
no people. no nachos. one small tv.
cons of going:
no free food. trying to find a table.
im glad i can sleep in tomorrow. by about 2:30 today my body decided that it was going to cease all effort at working. we’re talking, adrenaline storehouse shutdown, you want to collapse or fall alseep on your feet in two seconds stoppage.
at some point during the day mike’s phone rings and he’s on for like 30 seconds and when he hangs up he jumps up in the air and goes “woooooo!”
and im like “um….”
and he’s like “i have a ticket to game 3”

my mom just came in and tried to find candy in my room. not bloody likely.
fifteen minutes to puck drop….looks like im staying here. for the first period at least.
at least its an early game…ppl might be up for doing stuff after.
ive got three days off. i plan to sleep in. and read sociology.
what an exciting weekend i have planned.
actually, i think julia is maybe having a partay type thing tomo night…i should find out for sure.
i also discovered today that if you eat Spitz for a very long time eventually you lose all ability to taste anything. i never was any good at the whole Spitz thing. i can do one at a time. people who can chew a whole mouthful mystify me. it’s like some strange power.
my sister is in china for two weeks. maybe tomorrow i’ll go drive around town for a while.
there’s thins thing on CBC news right now about how gardeners are happy about global warming because they can plant their gardens earlier…what the fuck? some old ladies need something better to do…
you know who has really good commercials? Dairy Queen.
ooop…brain cramp…
five minutes to puck drop…
time to go find a snack.


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