i wish i were an oscar mayer

i might have to work 6 days next week. ive worked five this week and im fucking drained.
half the morning i wasnt even sure if i would be able to stand up in the afternoon.
and then everyone’s favourite friend adrenaline kicked in.
we’re going for chinese tonight. i bet halfway through the meal i’ll be like “nnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh”
it was half mast day today. it’s the day where places with flags lower them for everyone who’s died at work.
good to know some fat fuck who chokes on a sandwhich at lunch in the office gets the flag lowered for him while he’s saving lives of his WoW buddies.
i’ve been leaving my phone off. it’s kind of refreshing.
i also dont spend as much time at the compy nowadays.
and i got a raise today.
ok im being hollered at about chinese food so i must go and have chinese food and then think long and hard about what chinese food to order and what chinese food to eat.

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