like a nuclear reprisal

the curtain of boredom has started to lift here. which im pretty happy about. it could fucking raise a litte faster though…
so yeah, spended the afternoon with Miss Iris the So Very Ticklish on saturday, went to earls/Caffery’s Irish Pub with julia and grant and melissa and tara saturday night.
watched the red wings do a good job losing on sunday morning.
drove out to the country and tested out the beretta after it had been fixed in vancouver. fucker kicks like a bastard now… but. i dont mind cause im not using it. im using my SuperEx. hah.
we finished painting all the fields today. some new people started on the turf maintanence crew today. i feel sorry for them. their boss is a bitch. she’s nice to us cause we’re not on her crew and we dont break her equipment. we’re starting a pool to see how long it takes before she goes apeshit on the newbies.
and i guess we had a hammock lying around in the garage cause when i got home it was hanging in the backyard. i may have to take advantage of that.
oh, and then other day when i mentioned all the people who are going camping, i need to ad marnie cause she’s probly gonna bring her boy with her.
i want my paycheck soon so i can go buy more ram that won’t fuck up my computer this time.
also might look at buying this over the summer. or this.
since people didnt get up for the hockey game yesterday, a bunch of us are going tomorrow cause it’s at night and it’s a home game.
i think i’m also gonna either take a bit of a bloggin hiatus or not do it everyday for a while.
and with that, i bid you adieu for however long i feel like. which will probly be like two days.

4 Thoughts.

  1. Truck… so… very… shiny… I want it.

    Zed says “hi” and she wants you to “do the gay” again… or she will beat me with water wings.

    Don’t ask about the noodle.

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