299 is not divisible by 2

but there is a 2 in it. there are two 9’s. when added together the number resulting from the two nine’s is divisible by 2. there are twelve hours between 9 and 9, also a number divisible by 2.
last night i got real sleep for the first time in who fucking knows how long.
all my shit is sitting on the floor in my uncle’s garage.
after this im going to go starting putting it up on shelves.
ok, so, since this is #299, let’s play the question game.
i’m not going to have a computer in front of me until at least sunday night. plenty of time for the most random question you can think of that you want me to answer.
this computer fucking sucks. there’s actually lag time when i type. it’s got windows 98 on it. which was better than 95, but come on.
ok, off i go to stack stuff.
while im in transit listen to On the Road Again and pretend you’re in a big black truck, listening to country music and shooting the shit with an old man. it’s be good times.
see y’all in a few days.
oh, and…

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