totally confused all the passing pirhanas

so, i opted to not wear the skin tight leopard print pants cause there was no rolling stones songs on any of the karaoke cds. how dumb is that?
i look fucking skinny as hell. apparently my Body Mass Index has me listed as underweight. fuck you too kinesiology.
i switched the order of my songs around cause i figured if i sang a relatively nice song first i could sing Lump for the second round.
i am such a good schemer.
because my scheme worked.
the first round was country music central.
and then i went first for the second round and just about broke the stage jumping around and screaming and bashing the mic into my head.
what? that’s one of the lines! “she’s in my head”
i think ive been watching too much Viva La Bam or something.
anyway, i got a rather pleasing collective gasp from the crowd. gotta put on a good show you know.
i was talking to smelly today and we figured since she’s going to australia and im going home for the summer we need a blogger partay of sorts before we leave.

april 8. mountain shadow pub. burnaby.

time is yet to be decided, and i got bored of studying today and started on some poster type things.
im gonna go ahead and say if you you think it’s a dumb idea you’re a loser.
you’d be so much of a loser even Napolean Dynamite would call you a loser and be right about it.
ok, now it’s time to go to 7-11 and buy mucho hotdogs.

current mood: “Boll Wevil” by The Presidents of The United States of America

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  1. oh, he’s definitely got the humour to match the fro. no one would have it aaaaaany other way.

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