where the hell did all my socks go…

i realized at about 1am that both the dining hall and rez admin office were closed so i couldnt put any money on my laundry card which meant no 1am laundry.
i also realized that when you play a drinking game watching the big lebowski where you drink every time someone says “dude” you could probly die. therefore, and i know this isnt in the spirit of pretending to be irish and getting completely fucking blasted, i nursed two stella’s and only made it half way through the movie. meh, more for later then.
today is shaz’s birthday sushi. tis going to be a raw fishy time of a time! fisharific! fishtastic even! superfishalfishalisticfishbealifishous!
i figure since i didn’t get a TL position, which sucks and we now figure that it’s because greg is in charge as opposed to vicki, i won’t apply to be an OL again. i mean, it’d be fun, but i signed on for TL not OL. plus i can make an extra thousand bucks if i stay home another week.
sing it! mony mony mony! moooooney! no? oh well…
when i tried to register for a summer distance ed class yesterday i couldnt cause apparently only ONE of the two first year sociology classes counts as a prereq for 300 level sociology classes. how the fuck does that make sense? so now i have to go talk to a sociology advisor and ask them to let me take one of the goddamn classes.
there’s a lot of hangers in my closet…

current mood: “Children of Decadence” by Children of Bodom

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