In mooooooooooderation

so…k, just a general comment.
when you leave someone a comment, i really think that the part that says “your comment is awaiting moderation” should be made much bigger cause then you run into things like what happens to me all the time when i comment and then it doesnt show up and i think “gee it didnt work i’ll comment again” and then i just look stupid.
…you know…so…

…stop making me feel stupid lol.

oh, and i didnt get a Team Leader position for next year.

current mood: Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen

1 Thought.

  1. Hey, not only do I not have to moderate your comments anymore, but you even have your own icon in my blogroll. I know you weren’t talking about my site, but I have the same problem that you were talking about when people post for the first time. It’s like chill baby baby chill baby baby baby wait!

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