i’ll share my dinner mints with you

i totally have kinder surprise right now. i wonder what the world record is for most kinder surprise toys all lined up in a row? i also have cadbury eggs and mini doughnuts. i needed a chocolate fix.
random muffin finding adventures can lead to this.
and i totally got to watch more mythbusters.
it also decided to rain more today.
i think i had something clever to write but then i forgot what.
oh well.
maybe i’ll write something not so clever.
green bear green bear sugar packs hate you because you have yellow eyes! watch the cowboy hat leap off the paper and fly down the hall riding white paint waves of candy!

oh my.

maybe i shouldnt have had chocolate tonight…

current mood: “Superhero of the Computer Rage” by In Flames

4 Thoughts.

  1. Cha, everyone knows that green bears don’t even have yellow eyes! They have purple ones.

  2. I had a chocolate bar for dinner last night, yum!

    I’ve decided that I can’t live my life without chocolate so I’m going to be sure to eat it on a reqular basis. Nice pure dark chocolate…that’s the way to go.

  3. oh god now i want more. where’s a Bernard Callebaut store when you need one…

    mike, i torrented the complete first season in like 35 minutes today. it was nuts, i looked at the download speed and actually did a dance.

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