hey it’s snowing

ok, anyone who is wondering: Pentax Optio S30 3.2 megapixel 3x optical zoom. i have dropped it several times and it makes frightening noises when it gets cold. i would like an SLR camera, but the S50 has all the same features as mine and cheaper than an SLR camera. i’ve never found any other cameras with the same colour filters as Pentax. therefore, i heart pentax because of this. i would heart a nikon D70s if i could afford it and if it had all the same filters but it doesnt.
so we hit up value village for secret agent pub night clothes. i am satisfied, i even found a decent tie. i hate ties, but every so often i find one i like.
we went to red robin’s to eat. we all had different flavours of milkshakes and bugers. it was good.
then swiffer dusters were unassembled and hit dustin and myself in the head.
then everyone else went out and dustin and vicki and i went and watched The Neverending Story at her place. i hadn’t seen it in a long time. it made me want to watch James and the Giant Peach.
and now the day is over. and it’s almost 3am.
and it snowed up here today, but not enough for caf trays, but it still snowed, and that’s nifty i think.
im kind of hungry but its too late to make food. i’ll go to bed then i guess. i missed mythbusters last weekend cause my mom was here, but i get to watch it tomorrow. unless theres a special on, in whcih case they dont show it.

current mood: i miss my monkey

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  1. You need a DVR (a.k.a. TIVO).

    But once you’ve had one you’ll never be able to come over to the light side again.

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