fo-ah suppah, i er uh

you know that half awake state you get into in the morning when youre still mostly alseep but then your phone beeps and you arent sure if your phone actually beeped or if you dreamed it beeped?
yeah that was me like 40 minutes ago.
turns out it really wsa beeping. my friends julia and grant are in town today! yay! i did ot know this lol. now i do. so i will meet them downtown later and we will walk around and play more tourist games and spend some monies on some fetishized commodity items. (really not as bad as that sounds)
maybe i see if the sister ans the sisters friend will join us.
ok, i go to tutorial and then come home and put in some laundry and go back to class now.

current mood: “Everyday is exactly the same” by NIN

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