dead presidents Mr. B!

lizards need lovin too you know.
my monkey isn’t feeling well. go and tell her to get better because you should because i said so because she shouldn’t feel not good because that’s no fun. *hugs shaz*
i should have got all $20s. maybe i’ll go back to the bank and do that tomorrow. oh…savings bonds. and no you cant have any.
went with the sister and the sister’s friend to the vancouver aquarium after tutorial and before class. we watched the sharks get fed. and then we went and watched one of the otters get veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy comfortable with himself à la dog licking his own balls. he was playing with a big blue ball first too…oh man…must get image out of head…
i want an otter. he could shuck oysters for me.
less than half the class showed up today which was weird cause our midterm papers were due. i also made some inroads in regfards to talking to my profs about grad school today. my promoculture TA who is also a PhD here said shed write me a letter of reccomendation. i cant apply til january, but its good to know that. i emailed my prof for the class about it too. fingers crossed.
i think tomorrow im gonna go to the jeans store and look for something new. you know what? i dont care that we spend a whole lecture today talking about how brand value is produced by consumers in a Marxist cultural labour system, they’re nice fucking jeans.

current mood: the neat music playing on the Hugo Boss site

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