ok thats enough, you pissed off the big one with your cookies

hokay, so. here’s the earth, round! hahah no just kidding.
today i met up with the sister and the sister’s friend who are on their reading break from the UofA. we went and rented cheap ass bikes at some place on Denman. my sister was adamant about having flashy bikes. mine was less flashy, but i still felt dirty riding it. and i mean dirty, the fucking thing got my jeans all greasy.
so, i guess that a part of the seawall was closed and we didnt know, and you can watch us find this out. so we backtracked and detoured and somehow ended up at english bay and then backtracked some more and got back to denman and brought the bikes back.
oh, and does someone want to explain to me why there’s a giant human dryer machine in stanley park? i mean, i know it’s next to a kids water park area, but really, who walks through a dryer?
i really wanted to get a shot of an E.T. moment, but since i was lacking both a front basket and a giant moon to fly across….and i guess an ET…i didn’t. i got a “gee i wish i could take an ET shot but this is me with my mouth open in a funny way” shot.
and then we went to one of the starbucks on robson. and then the sister and the sister’s friend wanted lunch and they kept asking me where a place was that wasn’t you know, ethnic food, cause you never know where you’re gonna go where there isn’t gonna be a bathroom. their words, not mine.
i vetoed earl’s. we settled for milestones. this was good cause i enjoy their food, plus we got to sit on the side of the restaurant where i could look out the window and see the Buffalo store.
k fine, im a consumer whore majoring in communication. so what? i exempt that store from all marxist critiques! for every marxists critique of buffalo i find i shall kill you! or whack you on the head with a pair of their jeans cause their so fucking nice and screw you if you think it’s too commercial. my mom says im the perfect consumer. i guess thats why im a good communication student…anyway…
my sister got me the Clone High dvd set for my birthday. it’s in like a week. i think i might have mentioned the Bond themed pub night on the friday preceeding it? yes? good. now you know where you’ll be going on the night of march 3rd.
and then i came home and i finished my promotional culture essay and it fucking rocks. it’s called “I Pledge Allegiance to the Brand”. i should get an A on it just because the title is so fantabulously cool.
and much to my chagrin, it looks like i won’t be making any of the acoustic matt good shows…i miss the one in edmonton because im here and i miss the one in vancouver cause i’ll be in edmonton…so im sort of considering going to the calgary or lethbridge one. why not? fly in for the show, fly back. these aren’t shows you want to miss. therefore, i would not want to miss going to one. now there’s dedication for ya.
when we went to IKEA yesterday i decided to put as many lampshades on my head as i could find. i have too many pictures to put up so i’ll randomly post them in the next few days. i can also fit into all the kids chairs.
and i think my camera is sick, it’s making some pretty gross noises when i turn it on.
ooooh, and i got a Rez Orientation Team Leader interview! yayyyyyyy! i get to maybe be in charge of people! aaaaand i get an excuse to behave quirky! …not that i really needed one before but whatever…
k, ima go watch some Clone High now.

current mood: “So Gently We Go” by I Mother Earth

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  1. Must be nice to live in a real city. Our downtown is ten blocks long and three blocks deep.

    And you’re a Pisces. It’s all making sense…

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