five more minutes…

honestly, who gets woken up before 9am on saturday?
The Matriarch has arrived and is currently dining on a sort of breakfast with the Aunt and the Uncle before heading up here.
a last minute spot check revelas that the surrounding area is indeed prepared for the arrival of The Matriarch. all areas are secured. classified materials have been coded and placed in safe storage. the laundry pile has been cleaned up.
and now we wait…

current mood: “Dover Beach” by The Fugs

3 Thoughts.

  1. I like your Madre. Now I get where serious-take-no-shit Pat meets bouncy-happy-fun-time Pat.

  2. sounds like quite the procedure to get all the classified materials locked up and in check for the arrival of a parental unit.

    got lots to hide? 😛 haha. jk. have a good time with your Mom.

  3. Ummm people who work Saturday morning shifts get up before 9am. You spoiled child, sleeping past 8am, pffft.

    *Waves* Hi Pat’s mom!

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