fetchez la vache!

i know i put up the poster yesterday. i will continue to do so until the day of the pub night.
momZ’s flight’s got cancelled today after air canada once again demonstrated their uncanny ability to fuck people over. they found her a flight tomorrow. youd think they could at least ask west jet nicely if they had one today because i’m willing to bet they did because west jet isnt a completely fucking imbecile.
air canada’s like the drunk guy with no teeth in a nice suit who thinks he can run a business.
shaz brought me cookies today. they’re super tasty. shaz is awesometastically fantabulously amazingly cool.
at least i can get more research and frantic essay writing done tonight now.

current mood: “Formed A Band” by Art Brut

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  1. bummer about the flight – that doesn’t make a lot of sense with them not accomadating her a little more or going to westjet.

    have a good friday:)

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