i have misplaced my pants.

no seriously, i have misplaced my nice pants. this is sort of a problem seeing as how i have a job interview tomorrow. but thankfully european roommates always have nice clothes. thankfully european roommates are nice guys and let you borrow a pair. but they’re nice pants. like niiiiiiiice pants. i’m pretty sure that i’ll feel like a shithead if i get like a spec of dust or smudge on them. so it had better not rain tomorrow and it had better not be windy like it was today and no one downtown had better be throwing any shit around.
i think it’s kind of ironic that i’m worried about nice pants seeing as how it’s an interview for a mascot job. nice pants to big furry suit. it’s so much fun though! and you learn real quick how to deal with people who try to tackle you or something without making it look like youre trying to choke them but really are. i got to meet Marion Jones while i was in costume once. fuck that was cool. ive put in about…6 years of volunteering of it. when i got to do it at the 2001 World track championships at home in edmonton it was nuts how many people want to take pictures with you. it took us over an hour to get halfway around the concourse at Commonwealth.
and as you can see, i got new pillows. the stripey one is my other sleeping pillow. the orange fuzz is the shazpillow.
as you can also see i have some nice temporary permanent marker tattoos. there’s a third one but i cant really bend that far around to take a decent picture of it. i got branded. yup, i’m a Z!brand Pat.
i also managed to pretty much finish my Sociology paper. just have the conclusion left. so i guess i’m not really finished, but i might as well be. it was kind of strange writing it without using any communication theory or sources. it’s a new information and technology paper dealing with….drumroll….blogs. i have seven books to use for a 1500 word essay. and they all at some point refer to one and other. i have never ever seen that in communication books. i didn’t think there were seven different ways to explain expansive potential, but i guess there are. sociologists really need to get out more.

someone had better get that.

i also have to write a note for the UPS people saying “our doorbell doesnt work, so bang harder or yell or phone me but dont take my shirt away. it will make me sad.” seriously, the fact that my shirt was at my front door while i was home and did not know is not making me the happiest owner of a human guinea pig shirt.

also, can i please go a day this week without getting an email or phone call or msn message from my house? seriously. three times today. from all three of them. for a fucking week. yes mom, i know you’re getting here on friday, and i know you’re excited. no mom i can’t talk i have two essays to do. NO mom i CANT talk i have TWO ESSAYS to do!

on saturday it’ll be two weeks to my birthday. i’ll be twice 11. anyone who has any knowledge of cheap floor tickets to the korn concert on said day of birth is asked to come forward immediately and inform myself of them.

i might also let slip some info later that people should pay attention to regarding the days around said day of birth. but not right now. it’s a secret. and with that…


current mood: “Uncle John’s Band” by The Greatful Dead

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