this is why no one likes varsity

holy fuck i am tired. i had to have one of those energy drink things to stay awake in class. it’s a four hour seminar. i drew an aztec transformers logo on my hand.
people on the varsity track team have this thing where they come to our house and eat our food.
sasha and i are not liking this very much.
it’s fun when you buy minimal amount of groceries to get you by until you either a)get more money to buy more groceries or, b) get safeway gift cards in the mail and then you go down and open the fridge and find out that you’re back to having fuck all to eat and drink and have a serious lack of money to go and buy more food.
i think the next time varsity is in our living room eating something im going to ask “where did you get that food?” and follow that with “you have three choices now. One, pay me right now, two, go out and replace that right now, or three, get the fuck out right now.” i dont give a fuck if you represent a school varsity team, that means fuck all to me. i don’t get a free meal plan from the school. go and eat you own fucking food.

current mood: “Caring is Creepy” by The Shins

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