put the waffle foot away!

i get to play with 3000$ worth of HD camera this weekend.
i keep telling myself im going to catch up with everything this weekend and get things done.
i think im halfway right.
i did fix up my resume, and i do have the camera, and i only have one reading left to mostly catch up.
so in the world of pat who has four day weekends…thats going into the weekend on a pretty good foot.
there’s an open mic on wednesday. i have to figure out what im gonna play.
oh and i made a cake last night. OH MY GOD ITS SO GOOD!
i also decided that since i got smoot, i should get two real hamsters and name them Smeet and Smoot.
since i fixed up my resume i think tomorrow…or tuesday…i’ll go drop a bunch of at random places. i’ll call my friend at the CBC too and see if he knows anyone i can talk to.
i feel like making a really shoddily looking music video.
im waiting for someone to walk into my room with the camera set up and be like “dude, are you making porn or what?”

current mood: “After You After Me” by The Agro Puppet Show

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