i suck at begging?

so…lately ive found myself embroiled in a pseudo fame because of the VJ Search. if you’ve seen the commercial, which i just saw a moment ago, im the guy screaming “I REALLY WANNA DO THIS!!!”
it’s on the website. so go to the website and watch me fall to my knees and beg the populous of canada to allow me a chance to throw to cheesey dance videos.
ive had messages and phone calls in the last week all saying “PAT! YOURE ON TV AGAIN!!!”
that being said, i put my msn address on here for a reason people. add me damn it!
i think it’d be a neat experience, but i can take solace in the fact that apparently none of the other contestants screamed beggingly that much and they’re not the first person you see in the add for the show.
still, i have to wonder how many more times in the next few days i’ll hear “PAT YOURE ON AGAIN!!!!!”
which is weird cause the other day i was talking to a friend back in sherwood park and we were reminiscing about high school, and then i said “dude…ive been on national TV more times than anyone in our entire grad class…” and thats not counting time in the House of Commons.
ok, i have to go to class.
i came home. maybe i’ll run into Jen the Bus Girl. maybe someone will have seen the commercial and be all “Arent you that screaming guy?”

current mood: im really not sure…very amused, and that “im smiling but shaking my head at myself thinking oooooooh boy lol”

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