good shot maurice!

i actually did my kines readings this morning. that’s how little i have to do to keep me occupied.
we are also nearly out of dish soap and there’s still a bunch of shit to be cleaned, so i may have to go on a soap finding expedition.
after i read i laid down some more tracks. i still need to get my other cables back from alex…and i have to go and get my guitar looked at. the input is definitely fucked. i had to do the first track three times because the input was cutting out.
also, i think either there a some really bored helicopter pilots around today, or someones dead and/or missing. seriously, there’s been helicopters buzzing around here really low like every 30 mintues all morning. and then luke and cam showed up with a campus security guy asking “have you seen these people” and flashing pictures.
i havent. i dont know who they are. flashing me a pixelated picture off a webcam and a shitty copy of a high school grad photo isn’t likely to help me remember who they are either.
i like how it’s january and its sunny out, and warm and the grass is green and i have my balcony door way open and everyone in ottawa is fucking freezing.
hah! suckers.
there’s bowling and probly drinking tonight. i havent bowled since like grade 4. i was always afraid that my fingers would get stuck in the ball and theyd get ripped off or something. maybe i have bowlingballophobia.

current mood: “blood in the river” by Econoline Crush

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  1. Apparently 2 guys in their early 20s left the pub at sfu the other night and said they were going to walk down the hill and go to another friend of their’s. It sounds like they must have decided to take a shortcut through the bush, so the helicopters are probably out searching for them, as they have yet to be seen by anyone. Probably had one too many and thought they’d go on a crazy adventure and fell off a cliff on the mountain – not too smart. It’s not looking good for them…sorry to be all negative but I’m just sharing what I heard!

    Take the road if yer gonna walk down the hill, there’s a sidewalk for that purpose for crying out loud!!!

  2. I like how the family and friends keep wondering “how this could happen”.

    Umm maybe it’s just me but perhaps it has something to do with Beer+night+unlit mountain trails…?

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