McChicken’s will save the day!

as promised, i’ve uploaded some pics from my couch surfing trip.
what did i learn this trip…
futons are very comfortable when you’ve been drinking.
i don’t like snow anymore.
some things change. some things don’t. you have to take it all in stride, because if you try to cling on to something that happened in the past you can’t move forwards.
that being said, i have to admit that i had tons of fun. even though the third wheelage factor when i was visiting ash played a part i was still glad to go visit my best friend.
this past weekend in ottawa was fucking roxom! i love the fact that even after being absent for two years i can meet up with my Pages, and within ten seconds its like i never left. if something like that were a measure of true and longlasting friendship i’ve got it made.
now if only they’d stop getting jobs that make me feel lazy and unaccomplished…
i know some of you are reading this, so remember now it’s your turn to come out to vancouver.

on a sepearate note…i think i have to take my guitar in to have it looked at. i plugged in my new dimarzio cable last night and quickly realized that the input on the guitar is slightly fucked.

and i have to do a shit load of laundry to do.

current mood: “the eleven” by the greatful dead

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