the television is scaring me

just because ETCanada is on right now, i’m going to post this and see how many people actually do it.
if you aren’t on my msn, and you read this, email me and say:

“putting ketchup on KD is not for losers, and you can add me to your msn so you don’t have to watch ETCanada.”

you can substitute ETCanada with Elimidate should you feel you want to.

plus, msn convos are always fun. so there ya go. help me, help you, help me, not watch frightening tv.

current mood: “shelf in the room” by days of the new

2 Thoughts.

  1. Any other day, I’d be glad to save you from ETCanada, but tonight is different… I would, but it is so very, very late and I am oh-so tired…

    On an unrelated note: My heart just started really hurting… is that normal??

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