Best to Keep Things in the Shallow End

the only worse thing that being stuck up here with a retardedly large amount of assignments to do is being stuck up here after exams are over, no one’s around, and there fuck all to do but you can’t leave because a) you need to wait for the phone to ring and, b) you can’t go over to the house of the one person who’s still here cause they had to go run erands. both things i really have no control over, so i shall instead focus my annoyance at the apparition of apathy that hangs like a cloud over this campus.
it feels like it’s monday.
seriously, the last couple of hours have felt like a fucking cage.
there’s no food in this house.
there’s no cable tv.
there’s no people.
actually, ok, that’s not true. there’s a random norweigan guy sleeping in Oyvind’s room. but i don’t know him and he hasn’t come out of the room yet.
i mean, for fuck’s sake…i’d fucking go out and do something if i could actually fucking think of something to do but i can’t.
blah blah blah.
it’s like being in The Shining. a huge empty expanse of rooms.
you can only watch the same episodes of Bob Ross so many times before they lose all meaning…


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