I Can’t Hear My Brain Anymore

ive been studying Kin pretty much non stop since 9:30 this morning. i did laundry over the course of the day.
i introduced my dutch roommate to the notion of cut up hotdog bits in mac & cheese.
i checked my mail.
and i studied. and studied and studied and studied.
i only have two more chapters to go, but i hit the critical mass of knowledge point about five minutes ago
i wanted to go jackie chan on my textbook.
oh, and i was questioned about being nice to someone. whatev. i roll my eyes at the world and move on. for some reason i feel like that effectively explains the french castle scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail…oh studying…how you have played with my head…
in 24 hours i’ll be done the semester.
no more exams.
no more pencils
no more books.
no more teachers.
dirty crooks and politicians await!
sleeping in without fear of missing a deadline awaits!
food that consists of ingredients other than starch and wheat!
but until that time tomorrow night, i am relegated to the confines of my textbook that makes me go:


current mood: “aaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh!!!” much in the tradition of Charlie Brown

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