I Can Smell You From Over Here!

so the rez family came over tonight. we made three pots of perogies. then we made a gingerbread house. see, it’s all civil and nice.

and now the gingerbreaddies are attacking because they fear imending dooooooom!

they were right too. this is what happens when a gingerbread house is attacked by caramel sauce, uncooked pasta, meat tenderizer for the powdery snow, and just for kicks, a caramel bukkake gingerbread person.

they also brainwashed stevie into eating like three cloves of garlic raw and breathe all over my face. oh god it BURNS!

current mood: “The Doom Song” by Gir

4 Thoughts.

  1. aw, see I was all excited when I saw it when I came home, and up until the meat tenderizer at least I still would have eaten it. I can’t imagine that whaever chemicles they use to make old dead animals young again can be good for you.

  2. ok, now the gingerbread men are having sex on our kitchen table… you need to have a talk with them and let them know that’s not the mist appropriate place to be doing that. Or at least hang a sock on the door or something… or a gumdrop.

  3. Those are some kinky gingerbread men. Didn’t you build them a house for that purpose?

    (8)I smell sex and candy…(8)

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