Do You Sweat A Lot When You Lounge?

dragged everett downtown today to go find stuff to tell my parents to buy me for christmas.
went from Pacific Center to Robson, then all the way down Robson to Denman, then up Denman to the Rubber Rainbow cause everett wanted to know where it was. the lady had a dog that looked as weird as she did. she educated us about how it wasn’t the 1970s anymore. i asked her to come up to campus and give a sex talk.
rubber rainbow to Fatburger. best. burger. ever.
back up all of robson, into many expensive stores to mock their wares, then to Long & McQuade to look for DiMarzio cables. they don’t carry DiMarzio cables. they carry the pickups.
then back up here.
then i get to ge back downtown in a half hour to go to a group meeting for 375.
what a gloriously satisfying day.

cuurent mood: “Kickstar My Heart” by Motley Crue

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